Shoaraa 213-220

Shoaraa 213-220 213- THEREFORE, DO NOT TAKE AND CALL UPON ANOTHER GOD BESIDES ALLAH, FOR THEN YOU WILL BE OF THOSE TO BE PUNISHED. 214- AND WARN YOUR CLOSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS. 215- AND LOWER YOUR WING FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOU OF THE BELIEVERS. 216- THEN IF THEY DISOBEY YOU, SAY: I BEAR NO RESPONSIBILITY OF WHAT YOU DO. 217- AND RELY UPON THE MOST EXALTED IN POWER, THE MOST COMPASSIONATE. 218- WHO SEES YOU WHENEVER YOU RISE. 219- AND SEES YOU BEING AMONG THOSE WHO PROSTRATE. 220- FOR INDEED, HE IS WHO HEARS ALL THINGS AND KNOWS ALL THINGS. Allah the Highest sent the Quran down with the first Ayahs of Sorat Iqraa (Read). Mohamed prayer and peace upon him took to bed, shivering and distressed, until Allah the Highest commanded him to rise, purify himself and call upon people to believe. "YOU WHO ARE BEING WRAPED UP * RISE AND WARN * AND GLORIFY YOUR LORD * AND PURIFY YOUR CLOTHS" (S:74 A:1-4) Allah's messenger prayer and peace upon him did not know where to start. Allah the Highest then commanded him to start calling upon his close family and friends. Then he started talking to his wife, Khadeja who believed, then his close friend Abu Bakr who believed also, then his cousin Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, who believed, and so on. Allah's messenger prayer and peace upon him invited some of his close family for a meal over a cooked sheep, and after eating, he spoke to them about Islam, and so he went on trying with members of his family and close friends. "Lowering the wing" is an Arabic expression meaning to be kind, humble and approachable. This Mohamed prayer and peace upon him was commanded to be with the believers. Allah the Highest is warning His messenger prayer and peace upon him that many people will not believe for him or follow him, which is not his responsibility, and he will not be asked about or responsible for what they do. The responsibility of the prophet and messenger is to deliver the message, however the response of the people is not his responsibility. Allah the Highest said several times in the Quran "THE MESSENGER'S DUTY IS ONLY TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE, AND ALLAH KNOWS WHAT YOU REVEAL AND WHAT YOU HIDE" (S:5 A:99) Of the five greater messengers who are Mohamed, Jesus, Mosa, Ibrahim and Noah, two of them, Ibrahim and Noah, had only very few followers and believers. This did not affect their great status before Allah the Highest, and the fact that Allah the Highest choose Ibrahim peace upon him to be His "Khalil" (meaning close one) We are responsible for our actions, not the outcome of our action.