Naml 7-14

Naml 7-14 7- AND AS MUSA SAID TO HIS WIFE AND FAMILY: "I NOTICED FIRE, I WILL BRING YOU INFORMATION FROM IT OR BRING YOU FIRE FROM THEM SO TO WARM YOU UP". 8- WHEN HE ARRIVED AT THE FIRE, HE WAS CALLED: "BLESSED IS THE FIRE AND ALL THERE IS AROUND IT, AND PRAISE AND GLORY TO ALLAH THE LORD OF WORLDS". 9- "O MUSA, THIS IS ME ALLAH THE MOST EXALTED IN POWER, THE MOST WORTHY OF PRAISE AND THANKS". 10- "AND THROW YOUR STICK", WHEN HE SAW IT SHAKING LIKE A SNAKE, HE RAN AWAY AND DID NOT LOOK BACK, O MUSA DO NOT FEAR, FOR THE MESSENGERS DO NOT FEAR IN MY PRESENCE. 11- AS FOR THOSE WHO TRANSGRESSED THEN DID RIGHT AFTER DOING EVIL, I AM MOST FORGIVING AND MOST COMPASSIONATE INDEED. 12- AND PUT YOUR HAND IN YOUR POCKET AND IT WILL COME OUT WHITE, BUT SUFFERING NO AILMENT, ONE AMONG NINE CLEAR MIRACLES TO PHARAOH AND HIS PEOPLE, FOR THEY HAVE BEEN WICKED PEOPLE. 13- WHEN OUR MIRACLES CAME TO THEM, VERY CLEARLY, THEY SAID: "THIS IS A MANIFEST MAGIC". 14- THEY DENIED THEM ALTHOUGH THEIR SOULS REALISED THEM TO BE TRUE, OUT OF INJUSTICE AND TRANSGRESSION, LOOK WHAT WAS THE END OF THOSE WHO DO MISCHIEF. Allah the Highest is narrating to us some of what happened to Moses, peace upon him. After fulfilling his agreement with Shoib, to marry Shoib's daughter and then working for Shoib for 10 years, he took his wife and family and travelled back to Egypt, his home land. On a cold and dark night, he wanted to light fire, but was not sure of the way. He saw a fire, and he told his family to wait where they were while he went to the fire, to check the way and take a piece of fire to light his own fire. The scholars give different description of that fire, which was a light more than a fire. When Moses, peace upon him, arrived at the site of the fire, he was called and Allah the Highest spoke to him. This does not mean that Allah the Highest went down and was at the site of the fire, but that he called Moses, peace upon him, there to speak to him, away from his wife and children. Allah the Highest blessed not only the fire, but the area around the fire. Allah the Highest tells us that He commanded Moses, peace upon him, to take his shoes off, for this valley is sacred and holy. "I AM YOUR LORD, TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, FOR YOU ARE IN THE SACRED VALLEY OF TOWA" (S:20 A:12) This place remains sacred until now, and when Muslims go to, they take their shoes off, and they pray there. Allah the Highest showed Moses, peace upon him, two miracles, one was turning a stick to a snake, and the other turning his hand to white, without suffering any ailment. These were the miracles which Moses, peace upon him, was to show Pharaoh, as evidence of the prophecy of Moses. When Moses, peace upon him, was fearful of the snake, Allah the Highest told him not to fear, for the messengers should not fear being in the presence of Allah the Highest. Allah the Highest puts His people right, which is not a punishment, but correction. These were two miracles out of nine he showed Pharaoh and his court, but they did not believe, although they knew deep inside that they were miracles and that Moses, peace upon him, was a messenger. They were arrogant and feared for their positions, status and wealth. Their severe punishment was because their rejection was caused by arrogance despite believing in their hearts and knowing that it is true.