Naml 41-44

Naml 41-44 41- HE (SOLOMON) SAID: "DISGUISE HER THRONE FOR HER, TO SEE IF SHE WILL IDENTIFY IT OR NOT". 42- WHEN SHE ARRIVE, IT WAS SAID TO HER: "IS THIS IS YOUR THRONE?" SHE SAID: "IT IS JUST LIKE IT", BUT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE KNOWLEDGE BEFORE HERE AND WE WERE MUSLIMS. 43- BUT OBSTRUCTED HER WAY WHAT SHE WAS WORSHIPPING OTHER THAN ALLAH FOR SHE WAS FROM DISBELIEVING PEOPLE. 44- SHE WAS TOLD: "ENTER THE PALACE, WHEN SHE SAW IT, SHE THOUGHT IT (THE FLOOR) WAS WATER, AND SHE UNCOVERED HER FEET AND LEGS, HE (SOLOMON) SAID: "THIS IS A PALACE EXQUISITELY MADE OUT OF GLASS". SHE SAID: "MY LORD, I HAVE TRANSGRESSED AGAINST MY OWN SOUL AND I SUBMIT WITH SOLIMAN TO ALLAH THE LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS". Solomon peace upon him wanted to show the queen of Sheba that the powers Allah the Highest has given him are great, and far beyond hers and also showing her the miracles Allah the Highest made him perform. Solomon peace upon him commanded his courtiers to disguise the throne of the queen of Sheba, making minor changes, to see if she will be able to Identify it by its general look or not. She was shown the throne and she identified it. Then he took her into a palace which had glass flooring with water running under the glass. The glass floor was very strong for people to walk on, yet very clear as well, to the so much that the queen of Sheba thought that the floor was covered with water and she lifted her dress and uncovered her feet to walk on it. Seeing that, the queen of Sheba realized that she is seeing powers and ability beyond the ordinary human powers and abilities, and she believed and submitted to Allah the Highest.