Naml 27-35

Naml 27-35 27- HE (SOLIMAN) SAID: "WE WILL SEE IF YOU TOLD THE TRUTH OR YOU WERE A LIAR" 28- TAKE THIS BOOK FROM ME, AND GIVE IT TO THEM, THEN TURN AWAY AND SEE WHAT THEY WILL COME BACK WITH". 29- SHE (THE QUEEN OF SHEBA) SAID: "MY COURTIERS, AN HONOURABLE MESSAGE WAS GIVEN TO ME". 30- "IT IS FROM SOLIMAN AND IT SAYS "IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST MERCIFUL THE COMPASSIONATE". 31- "DO NOT BE PROUD AND ARROGANT AND COME TO ME SUBMITTING AS MUSLIMS". 32- SHE SAID: "O MY COURTIERS, ADVICE ME CONCERNING THIS MATTER OF MINE, I DO NOT MAKE A DECISION BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR OPINIONS AND TESTIMONIES". 33- THEY SAID: "WE ARE PEOPLE OF GREAT POWER AND VERY FIERCE AT WAR, AND THE DECISION IS ALL YOURS, SEE WHAT YOUR COMMAND WILL BE" 34- SHE SAID: "WHENEVER THE KINGS ENTER A COUNTRY CONCURRING, THEY CAUSE DESTRUCTION AND MISCHIEF THEREIN, AND HUMILIATE ITS DIGNIFIED PEOPLE, THIS IS WHAT THEY DO". 35- "I WILL SEND THEM A PRESENT AND WILL SEE WHAT REPLY THE MESSENGERS WILL COME BACK WITH". Solomon was a prophet and a king, therefore he had to those people to believing in the One and Only God and not to worship the sun. Solomon ordered the Hoopoe to deliver a message to the queen of Sheba, which started with "In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Compassionate", then tells them not to be proud and arrogant and believe. The queen received the message, and after reading, she called her courtiers, told them the content of the message and asked for their opinions. They all stressed the fact that they are powerful people, have strong armies, and in battle they are fierce. They were encouraging her not to give in quickly, and stating that they are prepared to fight Solomon and his army. This shows that it consulting with the aides and advisers was the practice of the kings and queens for thousands of years. The queen knew that wars are costly in men and money, and that victory was not always guaranteed. If here army is defeated, then her country might suffer and great deal of destruction and her people who lived in dignity and prosperity are likely to be humiliated and even taken as slaves. Therefore, the queen decided to send Solomon peace upon him a friendly peace gesture in the form of a present or presents, and wait to see the response of Solomon peace upon him. If all that he desired was worldly gains, he will be pleased with the present, otherwise his reaction will be different.